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Andreasen, J. and Nielsen, J. (2018)
Deciding on and Implementing an Unproctoret Internet Test
Annen, H., Niederhauser, M., Utzinger, C. and Zueger, R. (2018)
Evaluation of a resilience training – between desire and reality
Aude, S., Vowels, C., Keller-Glaze, H. and Bryson, J. (2018)
Preparing Soldiers for Mission Readiness: Intangible Psychological Constructs
Barfod, J. (2018)
In Situ Qualitative Research in Military High-Risk Teams
Bertrand, F. and De Nil, V.Van Landeghem, K.Defranc, A. (2018)
Situational judgment test measuring integrity: Validation and Issues
Binsch, O. and Delahaij, R. (2018)
Using MRM to Predict Physiological Stress Responses in Virtual Reality Training
Binsch, O. and Valk, P. (2018)
Monitoring Mental, Physical, and Organizational Performance in Different Military Training Settings by Focusing on Perseverance and/or Attrition
Boga, D. and Doulgeris, T. (2018)
Development of Selection Criteria for Clearance Diver
Bradshaw, J. (2018)
Unproctored Internet Testing
Breyer, F. and Jung, J. (2018)
Deployment, Commitment and Intention to serve in the German Reserve
Brigman, B. and Jackson, S. (2018)
Certifications Help Military Members Show What They Know
Cremers, M. (2018)
Morale of Dutch Units deployed in the period 2014-2017
Darr, W. (2018)
Advances in Military Personnel Selection: A Collaborative Effort
de Ponte, U. (2018)
The leader as an intercultural interface: managing uncertainty
Dunker, S. and Vidakovic, M. (2018)
Job and Work Analyses in the German Armed Forces
Ebel-Lam, A., Otis, N., Sweet, T. and Anderson, J. (2018)
The Retention of Medical Officers in the Canadian Armed Forces
Eissfeldt, H., Melcher, W., Keye-Ehing, D. and Schwab, A. (2018)
Comparison of ability requirements for UAS operators
Fisher, N., Lyonette, C., Barnes, S. and Newell, K. (2018)
Military spouse employment: Identifying the barriers and support required
Fitzpatrick, M. (2018)
Dilemma of Deviance: Early Cold War Studies of Military Delinquency
Fors Brandebo , M. (2018)
Destructive Leadership in Crisis Management – Behaviors and Coping Strategies
Fors Brandebo, M. and Wolgers, G. (2018)
Towards a Definition of Integrity in the Military
Gerling, B. and Grimm, C. (2018)
Improving Leader’s Well-Being and Performance through Mastery of Habits
Gottschall, S., Richer, I., Theriault, F. and Strauss, B. (2018)
Barriers to Military Mental Health Care by Mental Health Issue
Gouws, J. (2018)
Points to Ponder: Individual Performance in the Military
Goyne, A. and van der Linden, N. (2018)
Staying Ahead of the Game: Development of the Leading Indicators Questionnaire
Graco, W. (2018)
Classes and Clusters found in a Sample of National Servicemen
Gunardi, S., Purwono, U. and Umar, J. (2018)
Cockpit Attitudes and Pilot Decision Making in Non-normal Operations
Harding, C. (2018)
Towards the Development of a Personality-Based Measure of Integrity
Heffner, T., Owens, K., Carlton, K. and Dahl, J. (2018)
Talent Management: A Longitudinal, Multi-level Research Approach
Heimdal, J. (2018)
Value profiles and related factors in the Norwegian Armed Forces
Herdiansyah, M., Nurwianti, F. and Hartono, B. (2018)
Group Cognitive-Behavioural Approach to Reduce Anxiety of IAF Paskhas Wifes
Hlywa, M. and Hachey, K.Urban, S.Scholtz, D. (2018)
Organizational Performance Measurement: Canadian Military Personnel System
Huybens, W. and Lo Bue, S.Defranc, A.Aubecq, R. (2018)
Predicting health and performance among military personnel
Jackson, S., Doulgeris, T. and Cooper, M. (2018)
Evaluation of an Aptitude test for ADF Cyber Selection
Jonsson, E. and Svensén, S. (2018)
Recruitment and selection to the Swedish Armed Forces– from AVF to conscription
Kamphuis, W. and Delahaij, R. (2018)
The role of resilience resources in predicting post-deployment adjustment
Karton, I. (2018)
The psychological factors of suspension from compulsory military service
Kasemaa, A. (2018)
Military morale – research results from Estonian Defense Forces
Key-Roberts, M. and Simmons, M. (2018)
Identifying and Developing Inclusive Military Leaders
Kim, Y. (2018)
The types of cognition towards factors that hinder from filing a grievance
Kraus, R., Kreitenweis, T. and Degen, D. (2018)
Force-specific leadership cultures in multinational associations
Lee, D. (2018)
A Study on Standardization of Interview Evaluation Guideline for Selection
Lindsay, D., MacIntyre, A., Watola, D. and Legace-Roy, D. (2018)
Panel: Publishing with IMTA and the Canadian Defense Academy Press
Lo Bue, S. and Leduc, A.Taverniers, J. (2018)
Military Tactical Negotiation Training: Design and Evaluation
Mahar, T. (2018)
Job Performance Considerations in Military Settings
Meerits, A. and Kivipõld, K. (2018)
Platoon leaders’ leadership style in Estonian Defence Forces
Messervey, D. (2018)
Moral character and decision-making research from a military standpoint
Myslicki, B. (2018)
Designing Mission: Ready - the Canadian Army Integrated Performance Strategy
Nilsson, S., Svensén, S., Lundell , E. and Larsson, G. (2018)
Daily hassles and uplifts in veteran recovery
Oprins, E. (2018)
Measuring and monitoring resilience throughout the military and police career
Oprins, E., van den Bosch, K. and Pennings, H. (2018)
Personalized military training, supported by learning analytics
Owens, S. (2018)
Military Personnel Selection in the Context of Diversity
Park, J. (2018)
Patterns of Problematic Alcohol Use among ROK Officers and NCOs
Ravi, D. and Ramachandran (2018)
Cognitive function and affect state at high altitude hypoxia condition
Rawat, S. (2018)
Trust as Essential Component in Leadership - Indian Case Studies in Kargil
Rawat, S. and Rawat, S. (2018)
Self Awareness and Attitude Training for High Performance in the Military
Rawat, S. and Rawat, S. (2018)
Communicative Behaviour as Transformative Power of Military Leadership
Reiley, P. and Kelley, C.Soboroff, S. (2018)
How Military Leaders Can Use Power and Influence Effectively
Reiley, P. and Raymer, S.Lindsay, D. (2018)
How Leaders Can Improve Followers' Performance Through Organizational Alignment
Rounding, K. and Rankin, K. (2018)
Measuring Performance from a Global Competency Perspective in the Canadian Armed Forces
Rozcenkova, A. (2018)
Military Culture and Soldiers’ Identity
Rubenfeld , S. and Russell, S. (2018)
Called to Task: Canadian Military Leaders’ Views on Sexual Misconduct
Salmon, E. and Kilcullen, R. (2018)
Development and Validation of a Selection Test for Army Strategists
Scherm, M., Renneberg, S., de Jonge, J. and Lang, M. (2018)
Coaching top leaders: Does self-other agreement matter?
Skoglund, T. (2018)
Integrity Testing in the Norwegian Police Selection
Sowinski , C. and Blais, A. (2018)
How Leaders Can Promote Well-Being Among Military College Staff
Stark, S. and Drasgow, F. (2018)
Advances in Forced Choice Modeling and Implications for Noncognitive Testing
Steeves, J. (2018)
How Canada is Changing Defence With Executive Coaching
Svensén, S., Svensén, S., Lantz, J. and Lindgren, R. (2018)
Systematic Follow-up of the Psychological Selection to the Swedish Armed Forces
Tedeholm, P., Sjöberg, A. and Larsson, A. (2018)
Five-factor model personality traits of Swedish Counter Terror Police Officers
Therrien, M., Coulthard, J. and Woycheshin, D. (2018)
The Soldier On Program: Lessons Learned and the Way-Ahead
Verboom, M. (2018)
Integrity Assessments in Military Selection
Versteeg, R. (2018)
Change the way of safety thinking; a cannabis case study
Welch, K., Tippett, V. and Shochet, I. (2018)
Human Factors – relationship stability during and after deployment
Wesemann, U., Bühler, A., Mahnke, M. and Willmund, G. (2018)
Military knowledge transfer after the Berlin terrorist attack
Wolfe, M. (2018)
Handling a Toxic Buzzword: Defining and Addressing Counterproductive Leadership
Young, M., Kilcullen, R., Legree, P. and Puente, K. (2018)
Enhancing the Selection of 4-Year Army ROTC Scholarship Recipients
Zamzani, Z. (2018)
Item Validity Test “STAXI” At Indonesian Air Force Psychology Department
Zara, A. (2018)
A Primer on Computer-Based Testing Models: Which is right for you?
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