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Anand, K. and Nagle, Y. (2016)
Perfectionism, Perceived Stress and Psychological Wellbeing among QFIs of IAF
Annen, H., Jehle, N. and Stöckli, P. (2016)
The Dark Triad - The "Dark" Characteristics of Leadership Personalities
Arumugam, S. and Gupta, A. (2016)
A Person-Oriented Job Analysis for Selection of Military officers
Ataulla, N. and Latha, C. (2016)
Ego Development and its Relation to Attributes of Military Leadership
Aubecq, R., Bertrand, F., Tibax, V. and Dupont, R. (2016)
Identifying Radicalization Tendencies within a Military Selection Context
Baatenburg de Jong, M. (2016)
New Dutch Pilot Selection; From Simulator to Personality and Cognitive Testing.
Bandlitz Johansen, R. (2016)
The Impact of Laissez-faire Leadership in the Norwegian Armed Forces
Bansal, D., Sundaresan, B. and Ravi (2016)
Scientific Approach towards Allocation of Streams in Flying Branch
Berglund, A., Nilsson, S., Ohlsson, A. and Larsson, G. (2016)
The Role of Daily Hassles for Swedish Veterans after International Missions
Bharati, S., Awasthy, S. and Hamid, R. (2016)
Culture Sensitivity in Peacekeepers on Predeployment to UN Missions
Bhaumik, M. (2016)
Changing Social and Moral Values and its Relevance in Present Selection System
Binsch, O. and Beurden, Van, M. (2016)
Augmenting Military Performance through Resilience Enhancement (AMPERE)
Boe, O. and Holth, T. (2016)
Challenges Implementing an Officer and Other Ranks Corps in the Norwegian Army
Chaturvedi, M. and Singh, D. (2016)
Gender Differences in Emotional Aspects of Armed Forces Aspirants
Chaturvedula, S. and Agarwal, A. (2016)
Enhancement of Aeronautical Decision Making: Evaluation of Training Intervention
Chopra, P. and Ramachnadran (2016)
Estimation of Missing Item Response Using Machine Learning
Cooper, M. and Benassi, H. (2016)
Percieved Social Support and Mental Health Outcomes: A Longitudinal Study
Cooper, M. and Doulgeris, T. (2016)
Joint Terminal Attack Controller: A Trial of Enhanced Screening Measures
Darr, W. and Klammer, J. (2016)
Personality and Destructive Leadership: Potential for Selection/Screening
De Beer, M. and Van Heerden, A. (2016)
First Steps in the Development of a Resilience Measure
Dhandapani, R. and Ramachandran (2016)
Development and validation of Computerised Sharpshooter Selection Tests
Dobbs, J. and Do, J. (2016)
Destructive Leadership and Cynicism at the United States Air Force Academy
Dobreva-Martinova, T. (2016)
Organizational Dynamics Research – Highlights of Models, Frameworks and Projects
Dorge, B. (2016)
Employee Satisfaction of Younger Dutch Defense Personnel
Fadilah, F. (2016)
The Effectiveness Of Behavioral Activation To Reduce Depression
Felfe, J. and Kaminski, K. (2016)
Validation of leadership SJT: Social desirability, faking, and situational cues
Fisher, N., Lyonette, C., Barnes, S. and Newell, K. (2016)
Understanding Work-Life Balance in the UK Armed Forces
Folkerts, C. and Cremers, M. (2016)
Influence of Military Basic Training on the Stability of Personality
Fors Brandebo, M. and Klockare, E. (2016)
Re-enlistment in the SAF. Individual Motives and Driving Forces.
Fosse, T., Martinussen, M., Sørlie, H., Johansen, R. and Heimdal, J. (2016)
Predicting Performance for Applicants to the Norwegian Officer Candidate School
Gautam, A. and Garg, N. (2016)
Flying Experience, Aviation Safety Attitude and Perceived Stress in IAF Aviators
Gouws, J. (2016)
Post-Psychological Assessment: Factors Affecting Armed Forces Resilience
Goyal, K. and Gupta, A. (2016)
Reliability and Validity of Psychological Assessment:Technology Based Approach
Goyne, A. and Ashley, D.Forsyth, G.Macnaughtan, L. (2016)
Breaking Point: Antecedents to Change in the Australian Defence Force
Gupta, A. and Thangaraj, G. (2016)
Military Personal Selection: Assessment Centre Approach
Heimdal, J., Storm, A. and Hoel Fosse, T. (2016)
National Culture and Officer Candidates in the Norwegian Armed Forces
Ivey, G. (2016)
How’s Morale? What is Morale?
Jamal, S., Simões, A., Almeida, V. and Fonseca, A. (2016)
The Use of Biodata in the Portuguese Military Aviation Context
Ji, P. (2016)
Detecting of Random Responses on the R.O.K Military Adaptation Inventory
Kalpani, E. and Chaturvedula, S. (2016)
Antecedents of Flourish in Combatants: Implications for Selection and Training
Kamphuis, W. and Delahaij, R. (2016)
Team Cohesion Buffers Against Threat, But Do All Members Benefit?
Kaur, G. and Awasthy, S. (2016)
Implicit Memory in Uncertain Conditions: Military Perspective
Kowal, D. and Nagle, Y. (2016)
Development of Pictorial Situational Judgment Test of Values
Kumar, P., Gupta, A., Tripathi, A. and Mishra, S. (2016)
Development of Word Association Test for Selecting Indian Military Officers
Kumar, S. and Singh, N. (2016)
Analysis and Management of Triggers for Violence in Public Gathering
Latha, C. (2016)
Enhancement of Positive Psychological Strengths in Defence Personnel
Lindsay, D. and Watola, D.Lovelace, J. (2016)
What is Negative Leadership and Why Does it Matter?
Maheshwari, N. (2016)
ComBAT (Combat-Stress Behaviours' Assessment Tool)
Marineanu, V. and Voicu, I. (2016)
A Validation Study of CRES in the Romanian Army
Masakowski, Y. and Parmak, M. (2016)
Cross-Cultural Competence as a 21st Century Warfighting Imperative
Misra, N. and Gupta, A.Ghanekar, A. (2016)
Affect and its Assessment in Personnel Selection
Mohan, R., Chandran, R. and Arumugam, S. (2016)
Personality Predictors of Selection of Women Officers’ in Indian Armed Forces
Mukherjee, S. and Kumar, U. (2016)
Hardiness as Existential Courage
Nagle, Y. and Rani, E. (2016)
Pictorial Situational Judgement Test of Personality: Development and Validation
Nair, M. and Gupta, A. (2016)
Design Methodology for Reliability and Validity : A Fresh Look
Nambiar, M. (2016)
Identification of Attributes – Selection/Placement on Officers in the Indian Navy
Neill, D. and Gerling, B. (2016)
Addressing the Dark Side of Leadership: The NZDF Approach to Leader Development
Nurnindyah, D. and Adi WIjaya, A. (2016)
Psychological Results and Learning Performance of Indonesian Frogman Trainee
Park, C. (2016)
A Latent Class Analysis of Psychologically Vulnerable Groups
Parker , L., Rawoot, I. and Van Heerden, A. (2016)
The Formulation of a Peer Evaluation Measure for Operational Forces
Pradhan, J. (2016)
Predictive Validity of Indian Air Force Officers Selection
Prasetyo, H. (2016)
Indonesian Traditonal Approach Enhancing Psychological Well-being
Ramaswamy, H., Nair, R. and Mor, D. (2016)
Resilience Self-Concept ,Perceived Stress and Coping in Defence Trainees
Rawat, S. (2016)
Impact of Social Engineering Policies on Military SOP and Outcomes
Rawoot, I., van Heerden, A. and Parker, L. (2016)
South African Operational Forces Members’ Perceptions of Attributes and Skills Related to Career Success.
Roy Choudhury, H. and Kumar, U. (2016)
Enhancing Positive Affect of Soldiers: A Step Towards a Resilient Force
Setiawati, D., Hidayat, E. and Marjoko, Y. (2016)
Cross-Cultural Pre-deployment Training and Cultural Intelligence
Sharma, N. and Singh, N. (2016)
Personality Profiling of Candidates Through Interview Techniques
Singh, A. and Kumar, U. (2016)
Manifestation and Management of Mental Health Challenges at High Altitude
Singh, N. (2016)
Combat Stress Behaviours: An Indian Perspective
Singh, P. (2016)
Assessment of Pilots’ Mental Work Load
Snijders, J. (2016)
History of the Care for Military Personnel After Deployment in The Netherlands
Sørlie, H. (2016)
Norwegian Army: Improved Selection to the Officer Candidate School
Srivastava, K. (2016)
Psychological Intervention in Combat Stress Behaviors: Road map to Resilience
Tripathi, A. and Gupta, A. (2016)
Understanding the Concept of Integrity in Military Context
Van Dyk, G. (2016)
A need for Military Psychology in Africa: African Standby Force as an example
van Heerden, A. (2016)
Factors Contributing to Voluntarily Withdrawal During Military Selection
Verma, R. and Nagle, Y. (2016)
Big Five Personality Factors of Flying and Non Flying Branch Officers.
Verma, S., Kumar , R., Sharma, N., Tickoo, S. and Talwar, S. (2016)
Management of Phobia Through Cognitive Drill Technique
Versteeg, R. (2016)
Evaluation of a Safety Climate Assessment Tool Within Military Units.
Walker-Smith, G. (2016)
UK Service Women's Propensity to Serve in Ground Close Combat
Wesemann, U., Willmund, G., Zimmermann, P. and Kowalsi, J. (2016)
Determing the Psychological Fitness in the German Armed Forces
Wikberg, P. and Granåsen, M. (2016)
Exploring the Decision to Quit among Sweden’s Part Time Soldiers
Wu, B. and Brunner, B. (2016)
Assessing Self-monitoring and Confidence-bias for Military Recruitment and Education
Yadav, R. (2016)
Biological Dysrhythmia and Mental Stress Amongst Soldiers
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