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Alvinius, A. & Larsson, G. (2012)
Rules of Emotional Engagement: Boundary Spanners in a Civil-Military Collaboration Context
Annen, H., Boesch, M., Trulec Sefidan, S. & Wyss, T. (2012)
The Transparent Soldier - Comprehensive Assessment of Human Factors in Military Training
Annen, H., Trulec Sefidan, S., Boesch, M. & Roos, L. (2012)
Trust - Easy Go, But Not So Easy Come
Bester, P. & Schurink, W. (2012)
A Military Attaché Wife's Experience of Expatriate Adjustment
Blanc, S. & Kelloway, K. (2012)
Combat Exposure and Ethical Attitudes: Preliminary Model and Mitigation Strategy
Boermans, S., Kamphuis, W., Delahaij, R. & Euwema, M. (2012)
Perceived Job Demands During Military Deployment: What Soldiers Say in Afghanistan
Borman, W., St-Pierre, L., Houston, J. & Schneider, R. (2012)
Continuing Saga of Adaptive Testing Principles Applied to Performance and Personality Measurement
Bray, R. (2012)
Excessive Drinking: Implications of Combat Exposure in the US Military
Choi, K. & Kim, I. (2012)
Competency Framework for the Competency Based Development of Noncommissioned Officers
Ćosić, K., Popović, S., Kovač, B., Horvat, M., Kukolja, D., Dropuljić, B., Fabek, I., Lolic, Z. & Popović, B. (2012)
New Tools and Methods for Psychophysiological Pilot Training
Coulthard, J. (2012)
Organizational Structures in the Return to Work of Injured Service Members
De Beer, M. & Van Heerden, A. (2012)
Screening and Selection of Special Forces - A Mixed Method Exploration
de Bruijn, J., Tops, P., Hogeboom, H. & van Arkel, D. (2012)
The Police as a Learning Frontline Organization
de Graaf, M. & van Gils, M. (2012)
Military Professionalism - An Organizational Challenge by Itself
Dobre, C. (2012)
Psychological Intelligence (PSYINT) – An Active Tool in Fighting Against Terrorism
Fors Brandebo, M., Larsson, G., Jonsson, E., Wallenius, C. & Osterberg, J. (2012)
Job Satisfaction Among the New Swedish All-Volunteer Soldiers. Challenges for Leaders of the Armed forces.
Forward, I. (2012)
Aligning Tests with Military Learning, Qualifying and Performing
Francis, R. & Catano, V. (2012)
Development of a Personality-Based Measure of Integrity
Gouws, J. & Marjanovic, A. (2012)
Clinical Hypnosis as an Adjunct in the Treatment of Military Trauma in Group and Individual Interventions
Gouws, J. (2012)
21st Century Warfare: Quo Vadis Military Psychology?
Grasshoff, D., Bruder, C. & Hasse, C. (2012)
Operators Monitoring Appropriately
Gultekin, Z. (2012)
Military Pilot Turnover
Gurbuz, S., Cetin, S., Koksal, O. & Sahin, F. (2012)
The Effects of Military Multinational Assignment and Personality on the Development of Cultural Intelligence
Härkönen, T., Oksama, L., Eskelinen, H. & Vulli, M. (2012)
The Effect of Infantry Simulator Training on Combat Performance
Hedge, J., Ohse, D., Eyerman, J. & Legault, R. (2012)
Strengthening Data Collection and Analysis Applications of the Critical Incident Technique
Heimdal, J., Skraaning Jr., G. & Park, J. (2012)
National and Organizational Culture Profiles of Nuclear Power Plant Operators – Operational Concerns and Generalizability
Hidayat, E. (2012)
The Challenge of Maintaining Military Professionalism in the Face of Transformation: The Indonesian Army Experience
Ivey, G. & McCuaig Edge, H. (2012)
Transformation and Validation of the Canadian Forces’ Unit Morale Profile
Johansen, D. & Fisher, N. (2012)
Recruiting Partnering Project - A step change in recruiting for the British Army
Kamphuis, W., Venrooij, W. & van den Berg, C. (2012)
A Model of Psychological Resilience for the Netherlands Armed Forces
Kemp, C., Jalbert, A. & Johnston, P. (2012)
Working Memory Assessment for Personnel Selection: A Prototype Measure
Keye, D., Eschen, S. & Eißfeldt, H. (2012)
Individual Differences in Human Interaction with Automated Systems in Aviation
Koh, C., Ng, K., Ang, S., Kennedy, J. & Taj, H. B. (2012)
Motivation to Give Feedback and Rating Biases in Multisource Feedback
Koundakjian, K. (2012)
Causes of Early Attrition and the Use of Retention Initatives: A Perspective from Canadian Forces Army Combat Centre Personnel
Kovačić Tomac, M., Vračić, I., Mikac, P. & Matković, A. (2012)
Adaptation of Questionnaire PINPOR-3-93 for Requirement of Military Operations and Missions
Lastovkova, J., Bernardova, K., Strobl, D. & Koten, P. (2012)
Why to Afghanistan? Skills, Money or Ideals?
Latchman, S. & Arseneau, L. (2012)
Demographic and Attrition Analysis of the MARS Officer Occupation
Leblanc, M., Straver, M. & Ruscito, F. (2012)
Training Failures Among Allophones in the Canadian Forces
Lee, D. & Choi, K. (2012)
Combat Competency Modeling for ROK Army
Lew, P. (2012)
Threats and Opportunities for Military Professionalism from Social Media
MacIntyre, A., Doty, J., Xu, D. & Tan, W. (2012)
A proposed concept of Ethical Sensitivity feedback
Marjanovic, A. (2012)
Overview of Integrated Treatment of Military PTSD and Substance Abuse in an In-patient Group Based Program
Mesic, D., Mandaric, M., Mistric, J. & Mohorovicic, S. (2012)
Enhancing Individual Psychological Readiness - The Anti-Stress Program for the Youngest CAF Officers
Messervey, D. & Therrien, M. (2012)
Battlefield Ethics and Behavioural Intentions
Moffatt, F. (2012)
Applying Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to Personnel Research
Murfett, U. & Yew, D. (2012)
Assessing Initiatives that Help Military Officers Master Modern-Day Communication Challenges
Mylle, J., Brouwers, S. & Fontaine, J. (2012)
Are the Belgian Versions of the Automated Cognitive Test Battery Culture Fair?
Nilsson, S., Fors, M., Hyllengren, P., Sjöberg , M., Larsson, G. & Kallenberg, K. (2012)
Leadership and Stress in Situations Involving Moral Dilemmas
Nyman, K. (2012)
Individual Factors Contributing Resiliency in Finnish Army
O'Keefe, D., Kelloway, E. & Francis, R. (2012)
Introducing the OCEAN.20: A 20-item Five-Factor Personality Measure Based on the Trait Self-Descriptive Inventory
O'Keefe, D. & Son Hing, L. (2012)
The Role of Ethical Leadership in Curbing Discriminatory Behavior of People High in Right-Wing Authoritarianism
Otis, N. (2012)
Direct-Entry Recruitment to Special Operations Forces across TTCP Countries
Ozola, E. & Ozols, A. (2012)
Review of Advantages and Disadvantages of Implicit Measurements of Self-Esteem
Park, J. & Choi, K. (2012)
The Change in Soldier’s Adjustment during Military Service
Piasentin, K., Holton, T. & Febbraro, A. (2012)
Development of the Intercultural Attitudes and Affect Scale: A Preliminary Investigation
Puente, J. (2012)
Heart Rate Variability Reactivity to Stress in the Military: An Exploratory Study
Rankin, K. (2012)
Canadian Forces Sniper Selection Validation Study
Rawat, S. & Wadkar, A. (2012)
Positive Outcomes of Combat Experience
Riep, N. (2012)
A Validation of a Screening Instrument for Deployment Related Disorders
Rockstuhl, T., Sığrı, Ü., Şahin, F., Gürbüz, S. & Ang, S. (2012)
International Military Officer Potential: Dominant-Language Proficiency and Cultural Intelligence
Scherm, M. & de Jonge, J. (2012)
Coaching German Bundeswehr’s Military Leaders: Results of an Empirical Evaluation
Sintic Verem, I. & Majer, Z. (2012)
Research of Prognostic Validity of the “Self-selection questionnaire”
Six, C. (2012)
Enhancing Resilience for the Netherlands Armed Forces
Six, C. & Kamp, E. (2012)
Serious Gaming and Bio-physiology as a ‘Way In’ for Resilience Training
Skoglund, T., Martinussen, M. & Lang-Ree, O. (2012)
The Equivalence of Paper-and-Pencil and Computer-based General Mental Ability Tests Used for Assessing Norwegian Conscripts
Snijders, J. & van den Berg, C. (2012)
Effects of Deployment in the Netherlands Armed Forces
Soetens, E. & Henderickx, D. (2012)
Strategic and Training Effects on Inhibition of Return
Steele, N., Chesney, C., Jordan, V., Frazer, V. & Fogarty, G. (2012)
The ADF Profile of Unit Leadership Satisfaction and Effectiveness (PULSE)
Susanj, Z. (2012)
Organizational Culture and Leadership: Changes in Military Settings
Truhon, S. & Patrissi, G. (2012)
Analysis of the U.S. Navy Operational Stress Control Module
Truhon, S. & Patrissi, G. (2012)
Resilience to Stress in the U.S. Navy
Trut, V. & Milavić, B. (2012)
Work-Family Conflict Among Employed Mothers Within the Croatian Armed Forces
van den Berg, C. (2012)
Evaluation of Third Location Decompression
van den Berg, C., Delahaij, R. & Kamphuis, W. (2012)
The Influence of Resilience Resources on Long-Term Adaptation After Deployment
van Heerden, A. (2012)
Selection and Training: Military Psychology from an Indigenous South African Perspective
Wang, Z. (2012)
Attitudes and Perceptions toward Persons with Disabilities in the CF
Warnke, S. & Johns, S. (2012)
Assessing candidates to become Officers in the Naval Service – the Admiralty Interview Board competency-based approach, supported and quality controlled by QinetiQ
Zara, A. (2012)
Increase Testing Program Efficiency with Computerized Adaptive Testing – A Roadmap
Zebec, K., Sekula-Golubiček, J. , Trutanić, V. & Livajić Pezer, V. (2012)
Importance of Elements of Psycological Combat Readiness in International Millitary Operations