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Raymer, . & Lindsay, D.Watola, D. (2017)
Diminishing Stress Through Building Alignment
Abendroth, J., Breyer, F., Heiß, A. & Röttger, S. (2019)
Types of Job-Mobility in the Armed Forces and Perceived (Dis-)Advantages
Adler, A. & Castro, C. (2007)
Battlemind Training System: Mental Health Training Across the Deployment Cycle
Adler, A. & Castro, C. (2007)
Battlemind Training: Continuing the Transition Home
Adler, A., Castro, C., Bliese, P. & McGurk, D. (2007)
The Transition Scale: A Measure of Post-Deployment Adaptation
Adler, A., Bliese, P., McGurk , D., Salvi, A. & Eckford, R. (2008)
Remaining Resilient after Combat: Emotional Disclosure in US Soldiers
Alvinius, A. & Larsson, G. (2012)
Rules of Emotional Engagement: Boundary Spanners in a Civil-Military Collaboration Context
Amrun, I. (2013)
A National Characterized Leader
Anand, K. & Nagle, Y. (2016)
Perfectionism, Perceived Stress and Psychological Wellbeing among QFIs of IAF
Andreasen, J. & Nielsen, J. (2018)
Deciding on and Implementing an Unproctoret Internet Test
Andreasen, J. (2019)
Assessing Mental Health at the Danish Draft Board
Andres, M. & Moelker, R. (2008)
Reciprocal Relationships Between Military Personnel, Families, and the Defense Organization
Andres, M. & Moelker, R. (2008)
Closely Connected: The Benefits of Active Engagement During Deployment
Andriessen, M., Bossuyt, T. & Schreurs, B. (2004)
Quality of the Hiring Process: Action Research in the Belgian Armed Forces
Angliani Juwita, V., Astuti, Z. & Nugraha Saefudin, A. (2011)
Descriptive Study of Vocational Identity for Students Whose Parents of Military Mid-level Officers
Annell, S., Sjöberg, A. & Sverke, M. (2014)
Prediction of Training Performance by Bifactor Models of Cognitive Ability
Annell, S., Lindfors, P. & Sverke, M. (2014)
Individual Differences as Predictors of Performance, Satisfaction, Retention and Health
Annell, S., Lindfors, P., Kecklund, G. & Sverke, M. (2015)
Selection and Situational Factors in Recruitment – Time for Reflection?
Annen, H. & Kamer, B. (2003)
Do we assess what we want to assess? The appraisal dimensions at the Assessment Center for Professional Officers (ACABO)
Annen, H. (2004)
Personnel Marketing in Turbulent Times: Recruitment and Retention Activities for Military Personnel in the Swiss Army
Annen, H., Kamer, B. & Bellwald, M.E. (2005)
How to Measure Achievement Motivation? An Explorative Study to Measure Achievement Motivation in a Selective Assessment Center
Annen, H. & Eggimann, N. (2006)
Assessment Center Result as Predictor of Study Success
Annen, H. (2008)
Implementation of a Personality Inventory into an Assessment Center
Annen, H. (2009)
Coaching for Military Personnel – From the Idea to the Implementation
Annen, H. & Frei, S. (2011)
Stressors and coping strategies of recruits during basic training
Annen, H., Boesch, M., Trulec Sefidan, S. & Wyss, T. (2012)
The Transparent Soldier - Comprehensive Assessment of Human Factors in Military Training
Annen, H., Trulec Sefidan, S., Boesch, M. & Roos, L. (2012)
Trust - Easy Go, But Not So Easy Come
Annen, H. (2013)
Nothing is so Practical as a Good Theory
Annen, H. & Boesch, M. (2014)
Resilience as a Predictor for Military Training Outcomes
Annen, H. (2015)
Challenges for Armed Forces in Europe through the Lens of Military Psychology
Annen, H., Jehle, N. & Stöckli, P. (2016)
The Dark Triad - The "Dark" Characteristics of Leadership Personalities
Annen, H., Niederhauser, M., Utzinger, C. & Zueger, R. (2018)
Evaluation of a resilience training – between desire and reality
Annen, H. (2019)
How leadership styles affect militarily relevant objectives
Anuar, A.B. (2005)
Helping Tsunami Survivors: Providing Psychological Care to Survivors
Arnold, A. & Cremers, M. (2014)
Incorporating the INSPIRE Resilience Scale in the Psychological Selection of Dutch Military Personnel
Arro, G. (2019)
Applying Educational Psychology in (Para)Military Context
Arsenault, E.J. & Thompson, B.R. (2004)
The Career Field Structure Implementation Process
Arumugam, S. & Gupta, A. (2016)
A Person-Oriented Job Analysis for Selection of Military officers
Arumugam, S. & Gupta, A. (2019)
Ataulla, N. & Latha, C. (2016)
Ego Development and its Relation to Attributes of Military Leadership
Atkins, S. (2009)
The First Survey of Australian Defence Force Families
Atmoko, D. (2017)
Measuring Construct Validity Big Five Inventory Among Indonesian Military
Atsma, N. (2005)
The Consequences of Implementing an Up or Out Personnel System on Recruitment and Retention
Aubecq, R. (2010)
Monitoring the Performance of the Struggle against Early Attrition
Aubecq, R., Bertrand, F., Tibax, V. & Dupont, R. (2016)
Identifying Radicalization Tendencies within a Military Selection Context
Aude, S., Vowels, C., Keller-Glaze, H. & Bryson, J. (2018)
Preparing Soldiers for Mission Readiness: Intangible Psychological Constructs
Aude, S. & Wolfe, M. (2019)
The US Army's Experience with 360-degree Feedback
Aude, S.N., Mitchell, D. & Cordes, G.B. (2004)
Development and Validation of Leadership Assessment Instruments for United States Army Commanders, Staff Officers, and Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs)
Aude, S.N., Mitchell, D. & Curtin, P. (2005)
Validation of U.S. Army Leadership Assessment Instruments Within a Multi-rater (360) Pilot Program
Aude, S.N., Mitchell, D., Zbylut, M., Horey, J. & Alvarez, J. (2005)
Identifying and Utilizing Leadership Story Themes from US Army Experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan
Aude, S.N., Karrasch, A., Leonard, A. & Hatfield, J. (2006)
US Army Multi-Rater (360) Leader Assessment and Feedback Pilot Program
Aude, S.N., Conrad, T. & Fallesen, J. (2006)
Study of Army Leader Development Practices: Task 3 Predictors of Collective Leadership Effectiveness (CLE)
Austad, S., Johansen, R., Bang, H. & Boe, O. (2019)
Differences in balanced leadership behavior in the Norwegian Armed Forces
Baatenburg de Jong, M. (2016)
New Dutch Pilot Selection; From Simulator to Personality and Cognitive Testing.
Baccman, C. & Jonsson, E. (2008)
What Individual Characteristics Predict Soldiers' Well-Being after Peacekeeping Operations?
Bäccman, C. (2010)
The Quest for the "Re-usable" Peacekeeping Soldier
Bäccman, C. (2011)
The New Volunteers in the Swedish Armed Forces
Bahbouh, R. & Hoschl, C. (2005)
Supporting Military Transformation with Sociomapping Analysis: A Software Tool
Baisden, A.G., Schultz, K. & Lewis-Brown, S. (2004)
A New Era in U.S. Navy Testing: Multimedia Navy Enlisted Exam
Balic, A. & Sedlanic, R. (2007)
Relation Between (Workplace) Mobbing and Psychological Combat Readiness
Balic, A., Filjak, T. & Cippico, I. (2008)
Differences in Soldiers, Commanders and Military Psychologists’ Assessments of Psychological Combat Readiness
Ballantyne, K. & Horn, H. (2007)
Personnel Attitudes to Posting Locations
Banderet, L.A., Rice, V.J, Allison, S.C., Creedon, J.F. & Sharp, M.A. (2004)
Medical Indicators of Successful United States Military-Specialty Training
Banderet, L.E., Merullo, D.J., Rice, V.J., Butler, J. & Marra, D. (2006)
Personal Thoughts and Success/Failure in a Military, Medical Training Program
Bandlitz Johansen, R., Laberg, J. & Martinussen, M. (2014)
Measuring Military Identity: Scale Development and Psychometric Evaluations
Bandlitz Johansen, R. (2016)
The Impact of Laissez-faire Leadership in the Norwegian Armed Forces
Bansal, D., Sundaresan, B. & Ravi (2016)
Scientific Approach towards Allocation of Streams in Flying Branch
Barfod, J. (2018)
In Situ Qualitative Research in Military High-Risk Teams
Barker, N. & James-Yates, S. (2005)
The Changing Nature of the British Army Continuous Attitude Survey
Barone, V. (2010)
Longitudinal ADF study Evaluating Retention (LASER): Cohort 2009
Barton, N. & Johnson, K. (2007)
Project LASER - Longitudinal ADF Study Evaluating Retention
Belanger, J. & MacIntyre, A. (2007)
A Proposal to Measure Trust at the Royal Military College of Canada
Belanger, J. (2009)
Royal Military College – Personal Harassment Questionnaire
Belanger, J. (2010)
Canadian Forces Officer Cadets: Leadership Behaviour and Personality
Belanger, J. (2011)
Developing the Next Generation of Military Leaders: Challenges, Imperatives and Strategies
Bennett, S. (2007)
Measures Used by the Australian Defence Forces to Enhance Cross-Cultural Awareness in the Provision of Support to the Northern Territory Emergency Task Force
Ben-Shalom, U. (2015)
Dimensions of Operational Stress and Forms of Unacceptable Risk Taking
Bentley, B. (2006)
Preparing Personnel for Chaos and Complexity: Clausewitz and the Nature of War and Conflict
Bentley, B. (2013)
Civil-Military Relations and the Comprehensive Approach to Operations
Bentley, B. & Buchanan, D. (2014)
Leading in Uncertainty, Unpredictability and Volatility
Bergh, J. & Boe, O. (2017)
Interaction and Trust in Military Leadership Structures
Berglund, A., Nilsson, S., Ohlsson, A. & Larsson, G. (2016)
The Role of Daily Hassles for Swedish Veterans after International Missions
Bertrand, F., Schreurs, B., Lescreve, F., Hansez, I. & De Keyser, V. (2006)
Measuring a Conceptual Model of Military Turnover
Bertrand, F., Schreurs, B., Tibax, V., Lescreve, F., Hansez, I. & De Keyser, V. (2007)
Longitudinal Study to Explain Early Exit: Work or Quality of Life?
Bertrand, F., Tibax, V. & Hansez, I. (2008)
Qualitative Analysis of Pilot Selection and Basic Flying Training
Bertrand, F., Tibax, V. & Hansez, I. (2009)
The Impact of Expectations on Commitment of Newcomers
Bertrand, F. & Tibax, V. (2009)
Why Newcomers Resign? : a Three Wave Longitudinal Study
Bertrand, F., De Nil, V., De Neve, G., Van Landeghem, K., Tibax, V. & Hansez, I. (2014)
Improving Selection: Competency Based Approach and Situational Testing
Bertrand, F., De Nil, V., Tibax, V., Lothe, B. & Peeters, H. (2015)
Situational Judgment Test Measuring Military Key Competencies.
Bertrand, F. & De Nil, V.Van Landeghem, K.Defranc, A. (2018)
Situational judgment test measuring integrity: Validation and Issues
Bester, P. & Schurink, W. (2012)
A Military Attaché Wife's Experience of Expatriate Adjustment
Bharati, S., Awasthy, S. & Hamid, R. (2016)
Culture Sensitivity in Peacekeepers on Predeployment to UN Missions
Bhaumik, M. (2016)
Changing Social and Moral Values and its Relevance in Present Selection System
Binsch, O., Van Wietmarschen, H. & Buick, F. (2015)
Relationships Between Cortisol, Optimism and Perseverance
Binsch, O. & Beurden, Van, M. (2016)
Augmenting Military Performance through Resilience Enhancement (AMPERE)
Binsch, O., Bottenheft, C., Roijendijk, L. & Boonekamp , R. (2017)
AMPERE: A Study to Induce and Measure Stress by Using a VR Simulation Platform
Binsch, O. & Delahaij, R. (2018)
Using MRM to Predict Physiological Stress Responses in Virtual Reality Training
Binsch, O. & Valk, P. (2018)
Monitoring Mental, Physical, and Organizational Performance in Different Military Training Settings by Focusing on Perseverance and/or Attrition
Binsch, O. & Hemert, Van, D. (2019)
Intervening and Measuring Cultural Interoperability
Binsch, O. (2019)
Evaluation of the current R2MR Smart Phone Application
Blackstone, T. & Oswald, F. (2008)
Risk Preference Elicitation and the Role of Personality and Intelligence
Blackstone, T. & Crabb, Jerry. (2010)
Can Individuals Effectively Self Select into the Best Career Path?
Blackstone, T., Crabb, J., Gordon, B. & Van Rensselaer, K. (2010)
An Examination of Differences in Military-Civilian Borrowing Behavior
Blackstone, T. & Bellamy, P. (2014)
Enlisted Skill Group Continuation Rates: Comparison of Model Performance
Blackstone, T. & Bellamy, P. (2014)
Forecasting Sailor's Separation Subject to Multiple Structure Breaks
Blackstone, T., Myers, R., Crayton, K. & VanRennselaer, K. (2017)
Recruit Market Depth of the Qualified 17-24-Year-Old Population
Blackstone, T., Van Rensselaer, K. & Haworth, J. (2019)
The Changing Quality of the 17-24-Year-Old Population: Recruiting Implications
Blackstone, T.F. (2004)
Recruiting and Retention Strategies